Welcome to our First Blog!

Hi welcome to our first ever blog! This one will be short and sweet!!

The salon has been open since December 2017 and what a fast year we have
had. We have gone from a tiny 4 seated salon to our current bigger salon
complete with a beauty area to suit all of our clients needs. Keep an
eye on our social media for all of the staffs offers etc. From
reasonable prices to a complimentary bar including a range of gins and
wines, we love to keep our clients happy.

Let’s talk about balayage……..balayage is one of the biggest trends at the moment and
we do at least 5 every day. Most popular at the moment are either grey
or copper balayage looks, and we love to do them. Balayage is a softer
and much more blended look than the solid look of an ombré. Before
coming to the salon have a look on google and find which style and look
of balayage that you like best and bring any photos that you have saved
along with you…..people think bringing photos is silly, but it means
we have more of an idea of what you really like.

You will find that our staff all have their own little hidden talents, Susan is a dab
hand at waves that last for days, sinead can throw a perfect hair up in
10 minutes if need be and Robyn can freehand paint beautiful designs on

A note from Robyn @ ruby red nails……..Hey gorgeous
gals, summer is here and to congratulate all of the students on
finishing another year I would like to reward you all with a 20% student
discount until the end of July. I am also happy to announce that I will
be in the salon permanently on a Friday and Saturday as of the 21st of
June. See you all soon!!